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The fly, the frog and the human

Project for university

For class I had to make an animation with Adobe Animate that was interactive. At first, I thought about making it possible to choose who had to eat, but I decided to simplify it and simply create a loop in which you had to hit play so that the video would start and the button would appear again at the end of the animation.

The Angel of hens

Animation for university

I was lucky enough to be able to do a free project in my Animation class, so I decided to do a jump cycle with my original character the Angel of hens.


You can learn more about this character at this link.

Logo Illustratie57

Project for university

I made this animation for an Illustratie57 event where the theme of the Illustratie57 exhibition from 2018 was revealed.

Fetiches videoclip

Videoclip for Ariana Ortas

The premise for this video was that it had to be a photomontage, so I decided to record it using a type of stop-motion animation called pixelation (animation moving people). I recommend you visiting the Ariana Ortas' channel to listen to more of her songs.

Chip attack

Animation for university

After attending Jamie Bartlett's talk, "How the internet is killing democracy," I was inspired to do this animation.

Alone at night

Animation for university

This clip is the beginning of a proposal for a longer animation that was never developed. For some time, there was a man kidnapping women at gunpoint and taking them away in his car to rape them and then abandon them, near my house.


This inspired me to propose the storyboards of an animation in which this story would be told and information would be provided for girls to learn how to be able to get out of this type of situation.

Gebruisaanwizjin voor mezelf

Animation for Poëzie Paleis

Together with Clara Dessainte and Bakita Pietrovikz we created a stop-motion animation as a prize for the winner of the Poëzie Paleis children's poetry contest. I participated mainly doing storyboards, character design and scenery, manufacturing the sets and doing the animation.

Weird cat

Personal project

After making some drawings of cats in my sketchbooks, I decided to use one of them to make this animation.

The Incredibles. Motion Graphics

Project for university

The task was to animate the words of any audio and a light source. I took this fragment from the first Incredibles movie because it is a scene that I love and that I thought could work very well as a motion graphics animation.

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