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The sad boi

Personal project

Sometimes images appear in my mind and when I like them I try to remember them to paint them later.


This idea occurred to me when I was talking with a friend. I visualized a boy with a fiery wreath of leaves behind him.

Cristina Llera Portada ilustrada libro
Cristina Llera. Portada de libro ilustrado

Tales of the ocean

Personal project

The design of this cover came from drawing elements to decorate my website. Finally I decided not to use them for that and I modified them to create a book cover and added a font which I colored.

Doe Maar Dicht Maar

Project for university

This was my proposal for the 2018 edition of Doe Maar Ditch Maar.

Cristina Llera portada Doe Maar Dicht Maar
Cristina Llera ilustración El círculo
Cristina Llera ilustración para cuento El círculo

The circle

Project for university

I wrote, illustrated and bound little book with a story about two sisters saving the color of the world. For the illustrations I used gouache.


Commission for university

This is an illustration I made for one of the winning poems from the 2018 edition of Bijna de bocht om for Poëzie Paleis.

Cristina Llera ilustración ganadora poesía Toetje

El mono Nicolás

Children's book

I made the illustrations for Sara Martín's children's story, El mono Nicolás, which was published in 2018 with the publisher El Círculo Rojo. For the illustrations I used watercolors and colored pencils.

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